ELI Blog

We at ELI believe people learn best through discussions. There is a big difference between being provided a set of handouts and resources on a topic – and being engaged on understanding the nuances and depths of a topic through facilitated conversations and discussions with others. The ELI Blog provides just such a space for informed conversations amongst an interested group of individuals.

The ELI Blogs are organized thematically. We have run themes on Multilingualism , Children's Literature , Children's Writing  , Decoding the Script and Comprehension. 

Some useful information on how the themes/blogs are designed and will run is provided here:

  1. The themes are chosen to be relevant to the concerns of practitioners in India.
  2. At the same time, they are chosen for conceptual depth and the possibility of multiple perspectives.
  3. The ELI team will post at least one “seed posts” each week on the theme. These posts will include invited pieces from individuals working in the area, discussion questions, resources, etc.
  4. Interested participants are invited to send in comments, extended replies, or even short pieces of their own that dialogue with the posted pieces. They can also send in relevant resources to be put up related to that theme, or point us to individuals working in that area.
  5. The discussions will be moderated by ELI team members. Divergent opinions and perspectives are valued and encouraged, but must be framed in appropriate and constructive ways.
  6. The ELI team is likely to have their own perspective, opinions and takes on the issues under discussion. We will not attempt to hide our opinions or to seem “neutral”. At the same time, we encourage a multiplicity of perspectives to be voiced on the forum, with the intent of listening carefully to, and learning from each other.
  7. The ELI team may put out a “Position Statement” on a given theme, if deemed appropriate.