Voices of Children

What does Reading Mean to you?

To mark the occasion of International Literacy Day on September 8, we asked a number of children in Bangalore and Jaipur, what “reading” meant to them. The children spanned a variety of age-ranges. Some of them attended government schools; others, an NGO-run school; while still others attended elite international schools. 

Unsurprisingly, most of them understood the word “reading” as being somewhat similar in meaning to “studying”, as in common parlance in Hindi and Kannada, “padhna” and “ododhu” respectively, are used somewhat interchangeably with the act of studying.

So, we had to probe further by clarifying that we wanted them to share with us how they relate to the acts of reading a text/ a piece of writing.  It was interesting to note what each child had to say! 

We leave you with their voices. We hope you enjoy reading about the meaning and significance that reading carries in each of their worlds! 

We are thankful to Vaidehi Ranawat , and the participating children from Bodhshala, Gubbachi Learning Centre and other schools in Bangalore for agreeing to be a part of this conversation. 

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Happy International Literacy Day!

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